Saturday, October 06, 2007

First denial...

The funniest thing about the non-snap poll is the denial coming from Labour Party ranks. If you read the comments as Labour Home, you find two main themes:
  • Boy, were Gordon's advisers stupid, he should fire them; and
  • Yes, Gordon has done the right thing (phew). It will be rough for a couple of week, but people will forget about it before Christmas.
Obviously, their going through denial - anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance still to come.

Firstly, who are Gordon's advisers? Ed Balls, Ed Milliband, Dougland Alexander (supposedly). Ed and Ed have been with Gordon in the Treasury for ten years (Harvard not withstanding) - his supposedly brilliance must be partly due to their advice up to now. And where Gordon's responsibility in all this. Surely, he is not a creature of his advisers and agreed with them up to now. All this "blame the adviser" reminds me of feudal England, when revolting peasants would blame the King's advisers, least they offend His Majesty's divine right to rule.

And secondly, will people forget before Christmas? They may if Gordon has a storming year. But if he is average, and the contest is tight with the Tories, people and as importantly the media, will remember the spin and the dithering and the lack of nerve. It plays to a impression many people already had of Gordon, and because of that it will stick.

May we live in interesting times

So, what were the odds of England getting to the semi-finals of the Rugby World Cup over our arch-nemesis Australia (who needs cricket anyway); French mugging the All Blacks in Cardiff; and Gordon bottling it!

I did predicted on Wednesday morning that there wouldn't be a early general election (I do have witnesses), before most of the punditry went public with their doubts - before Benedict Brogan, who I think was one of the earliest print journalists, but I must admitted I did get some pointers from Guido.

And I did think England would have more chance against Australia than any other of the Tri-Nationers. Australia always flatter to deceive in Rugby Union.

But even I didn't think French would conquer New Zealand. And even more unbelievable, I was cheering on the French (first time I've ever cheered the French on for anything). I do feel for the All Blacks slightly; how long before the best side in the World get their hands on the trophy again. But it does stick one up the Southern Hemisphere arrogance.

Come on the semis is all I can say (and the general election, confidentially predicted in 2010, because we are about to see a recession which Gordon will want to be as far away as possible before he has to face the country - Gordon, Labour's John Major without the decency).