Monday, September 03, 2007

Nigella is Back!!! But where's Nigella

Nigella Lawson has returned to our screens with Nigella Express. But who's replaced to coquettish Nigella with a smug mum. No surprise that she shops in Waitrose though. And who serves one poussin a person. Just get a chicken.

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Tories can't win here - but where's that?

I've just received my September issues of the Steatham Brixton & Clapham News. Life without it is hardly worth living.

The big news is that the Conservatives cannot win here! But where is here. Supposedly, votes last time, was 38% to Labour, 35% to Lib Dems and 15% to the Tories. But, the article does not say what votes these are. The two obvious one would be the last general election (Lab 47%, Lib Dems 28% and Tories 18%) or the last council election (Lab 40%, Lib Dems 29% and Tories 19%). But it isn't. So where is this mythical place?

PS - The Lib Dems think that the Tories should dump David Cameron because of their poor poll rating. Have that looked at how well the Ming has done!!